La carte

Our reinvented specialities

Le Chalet des 2 Lacs, an open house where you can be warmly welcomed at any time, with family or friends, to picnic or devour reinvented mountain specialities.

Executive chief : Alex PRAT.
In partnership with Chef Josselin JEANBLANC.

Starters to share

served with lemon, toasts and butter
13 €

Mixed platter of cheese and cold cut meats
18 €

Homemade soup of the day
ask your waiter

Main courses

Beef entrecote (300g)
served with fries, béarnaise sauce and salad
33 €

Cocotte d’Orecchiette « Garofalo »
Local pasta with tomme de Savoie, truffle ham and artichoke
29 €

Black Burger du Chalet, fries
Vegetable charcoal bun, beef steak haché, raclette cheese, pickles, bacon, onion, cocktail sauce, served with fries
26 €

Double Black Burger du Chalet, fries
31 €

Green Veggie Burger, sweet potato fries
Spinach bun, organic vegetables patty, yoghurt sauce, diced tomatoes, red onion and avocado s
25 €

Oven cooked whole wheat pasta from the Savoie with local sausage, and farm Reblochon cheese, served with salad
25 €

Steak Tartar uncooked
with condiments, served with fries
23 €

Wellness bowl
3 colour quinoa, roasted butternut, cramberies, pomegranate, lemon vinaigrette, arugula lettuce, salted granola
25 €


Apple tarte with vanilla ice cream
12 €

Blueberry tarte, served with local frozen Yoghourt
12 €

Chocolate mousse
12 €

Mixed platter of local cheeses
Served with salad walnuts and croutons
12 €

Small pot of ice cream from ‘La Manufacture des Belles Glaces’
chocolate, vanilla, caramel, lemon, strawberry, mango, cotton candy
6 €